Anti Litter – Anti Graffiti Awareness Youth Project

Anti- Litter & Anti –Graffiti Awareness.

Cranmore Community Co-op was successful in obtaining funding to carry out an Anti-Litter & Anti- Graffiti project. The purpose of this programme is to raise more awareness around litter and graffiti and is financed by Sligo County Council.

The first workshops around awareness of dog fouling took place on the 2nd/9th October at Joyn studios in John Street Sligo under the direction of artist Pia Luck, The workshops were art and play based with a focus on the issue of dog fouling and the trouble in causes, and it aimed to tackle this theme through play and creativity. The age groups of the children consisted of 8-11 year olds and 11-14 year olds.  There were 14 youth in total.

A large blackboard was available for the youth to brainstorm the subject of dog pollution and to highlight the problems it causes and reasons why dog owners need to take more responsibility. After this exercise the group were divided into sections to work on their chosen medium of expression. One group worked with clay and designed mock-ups of everyday occurrences in relation to the problems people encounter with dog pollution. These were left to dry and will be painted at the next workshop. The second group designed posters that illustrated various family scenes and outings that were ruined because of dog litter.

The group then reflected on the work they had completed at the workshop and health themes that had emerged from the work that could be illustrated on badges for distribution at the show night to be held in November.

A selection of images was then converted into badges.   In conclusion scenarios were discussed for the sketches for the show night and roles competed for. Next workshop Tuesday 16th October.



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