Cranmore Co-op Press Release

In response to the motion on the agenda at the Sligo Borough Council meeting, 05/9/2011,and 17/10/11 regarding Cranmore Estate:
‘that the new green park area in Cranmore Estate be called ‘the Gillen -Finnegan Peace park’ in memory of two outstanding residents, the late Mickey Gillen RIP and the late Denis Finnegan RIP’
The Cranmore Community Co-op Committee and Members acknowledge and respect the outstanding hard work that both the late Denis Finnegan and Micky Gillen undertook in our Community on a voluntary basis, their hard work, dedication and passion for our Community was paramount in the development of this Community from the early years, their legacy lives on in the residents and neighbours who were fortunate to have known and worked with them throughout the years.
While the Cranmore Co-op recognises and appreciates the work and time that a resident on the Cranmore Estate has put in, gathering a considerable amount of names on a petition to name the green area the ‘Gillen-Finnegan Peace Park’. It is the view of the Cranmore Community Co-op Society that the future of Cranmore should be influenced by a full and thorough consultation which will be had by the Masterplan process. It is not apparent or correct that decisions regarding the future of the Estate should be on a piecemeal basis and without full public consultation. However at this time we will not be moving forward on any such basis until the Masterplan is in place. Then the petition will be viewed and every resident on the Estate will have their say how best Cranmore can and will move forward.
Committee – Cranmore Co-op


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