Cranmore Co-op Update on Regeneration

The Cranmore Co Op are delighted to be associated with the work that is about to commence, financed through the regeneration project. A contractor has been appointed to fit new windows and doors in over forty borough council houses within the estate. The new windows and doors will begin to be delivered to Cranmore in the next two weeks and it is planned to complete all by Christmas.

This is a first for the regeneration process – it represents regeneration money at last coming in to the estate in a way that improves the real lives of people living here and who have suffered from lack of maintenance for years. It was started by the Cranmore Community Co Op when they made it clear that regeneration had to start to mean something and deal with some of the day to day difficulties the years of neglect have imposed. The Co Op lobbied the regeneration office and more importantly the Housing Minister directly. It was a central point made to Minister of State Michael Finneran when he met with the Co Op in late 2009 and it was repeated and emphasized to Minister Penrose earlier this year when he came to Cranmore; our lobbying has paid off and it is encouraging for us that we get listened to and that we can influence to make improvements to the everyday lives of residents.

We are delighted also that it is a Sligo company that won the contractor – long established Sligo company Kilcawley Construction Ltd. The money will support Sligo jobs and bring some spending into Sligo from the public purse. We wish the contractor well with the work.


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Happy Christmas

From all of us at Cranmore Co-op we wish you a very Happy Christmas and every good health and happiness in 2023

Seniors Alert Scheme

Just a reminder that we have the applications for the Senior Alert Scheme in Cranmore Co-op. 11 Devins Drive. If you know anyone who may


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