How it is to be a foreigner in Sligo



How it is to be a foreigner in Sligo – A perspective from two young girls who have been living in the Abbeyquarter area for the last six months. The girls have taken Sligo and particularly Cranmore to their hearts, participating in many of the group activities such as art and craft and dancing. We have asked the girls to write a short piece for out newsletter to tell us how they feel about their recent experiences


We re from Denmark, a small country in Europe. Like Ireland, in Denmark we have a queen and snow in winter, but no mountains. We have three more letters in our alphabet, but no school uniforms. We have many traditions in common which makes it easy to live here, but there are many differences as well as many similarities.

The language was the biggest hurdle in the beginning. It was like being told a joke – and missing the point. We came to Sligo in August and will return to Denmark in December to celebrate Christmas, and after go back to school.

In Denmark we are living in a small town with a big school over here it’s opposite.

Most common asked questions that we are asked during our stay:

Q. Why did you choose to go to Ireland?

A. Because of the nature and the language

Q. What do you like most?

A. The mountains, the Sea and the people

Q. Are you Polish?

A. No

Q What do you like most at school?

A (Sligo Project School) – Learning new subjects, and the breaks!!!

Q Where can I find Smyths?

At last thanks to those who made us feel welcome in Abbeyquarter and Cranmore.

We’ll always have the memories of Ireland in our hearts.

Tanni and Sinnie

We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


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