Living Room Project in June 2007

As part of the Partnership initiative between Sligo LEADER Partnership and Cranmore Community Co-operative Society to set up a

Youth Platform in Cranmore, to provide a voice for the hundreds of children on the Estate, a cross border Youth Project was contacted

by Helen O’Hara to investigate the possibility of learning from their experience and allowing the youth of the area to find out

what was involved in a drop in centre which has been identified by themselves as a need in the recent Youth Consultation carried

out with funding from HSE and Sligo LEADER Partnership. Following a pre-exchange visit by Helen O’Hara of the Cranmore cooperative

and Marie Brennan Development Worker with the Co-op in April, who met with Charlene Bleakley, it was agreed that this

project was well worth visiting. The group met at 10 a.m. and travelled by bus to Omagh. On arrival The Living Room was available

for the group to relax and get the feel of the space. Available for use were

games, pool table, music space, etc. The group enjoyed the look of the

area and the relaxed atmosphere with couches and chairs located in all

areas. A group of Omagh participants arrived after lunch and the group

mingled well even though the Omagh Group were somewhat older than

the Sligo Group. They enjoyed music sessions and discussed the Arts projects

which took place to culminate it the many art pieces displayed in the

centre. The group have invited an Omagh Group to visit Sligo later this

year. Any young people who want to get involved should contact any

member of the Platform or Aaron Cawley, Lydia and Kenneth Loftus.


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