New Caretaker at Co-op Offices

Welcome to our new member of Co-op staff, Liam Somers , who is the Co-op’s new Caretaker . Liam is a popular local resident and takes over the mantle from John Carolan.  Liam is kept busy keeping the Co-op in good working order especially as the Drop In is very busy these  winter evenings. Our thanks to John &  Jonathon for all their hard work in the past.


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Tuesday Mens Group 11am -1pm Thursday Gardening 11 am, Mens Group 11am . Art and Craft 6.30 PM. Contact Connie on 0871169500 for more information.

Happy Christmas

From all of us at Cranmore Co-op we wish you a very Happy Christmas and every good health and happiness in 2023

Seniors Alert Scheme

Just a reminder that we have the applications for the Senior Alert Scheme in Cranmore Co-op. 11 Devins Drive. If you know anyone who may


The 2023 term is now back if you wish to join or find out more information please contact Lisa on 0864028461 or Email