PEACE Launch


In June 2007 we took another major step forward on our journey together to make Cranmore a more vibrant community where the people are all involved in improving our lives for a better future for our children and ourselves.

The Community Co-op act as the official voice of the Cranmore Community we work together to empower the people to enhance their quality of life while liaising with statutory agencies for the provision of facilities and services. The Co-op is made up of the people who you voted for to speak for you in the Regeneration Project as well as the representatives from all the Resident’s Associations and the other Community Groups in Cranmore. We are all local people working with you and for us all. As you know over the years our community had become disillusioned with the lack of investment in our estate and bad publicity which has affected our self confidence in agencies working in the area and in ourselves as residents of Cranmore. We work to combat this negativity and build a strong community. Cranmore Community Co-operative Society has received PEACE II funding through Border Action.

The Launch of this Programme took place on 20th June in the Abbeyquarter Centre and was attended by representatives
from our Cross Border Partners in Omagh, Border Action, our local clergy and Bishop Jones, local Gardai, Councillors and
Senators. This was a proud day for the community with the highlight of the evening being the local dance troupe comprising Savanah Gorman, Alannah Melly, Leanne O’Malley, Katelyn Calley, Keelie Dunbar and Shauna O’Donnell with our wonderful break dancer Keelan Connoy who gave a fantastic performance for the evening.
Receiving this Peace funding has allowed us to employ a Community Development Worker, and an Administrator for a year and a half. The group also received funding for Cross Border exchanges, a Street Carnival, Training for Youth and Community Groups, Creativity Workshops, etc. Creative Workshops which are currently running or will be run for adults in the near future include Drama, Health and Beauty, Men’s Club, Photography, Gardening, Oral Irish, Music Sessions , Scuba Diving, Flower Arranging, Reactivate Pipe Band, Arts and Crafts and Fishing.
The Co-op is working in consultation with children and young people in Cranmore and have identified the workshops required for the younger residents. Some of these workshops have been running through the summer months when the children were off school. Working in affiliation with Sligo LEADER Partnership, Foróige and other Youth Agencies, we are in the process of establishing a Youth Platform. By the end of this year we will have completed the skills audit.
A street carnival is planned for Saturday 27th October, so don’t miss a wonderful opportunity to become involved and have fun. By mid 2008 we will have completed 6 cross border exchanges for youth and 6 for adults which will include the Community Co-op and all groups which are represented on the Co-op. We work with agencies for the betterment of the area with a long term vision which may not be obvious immediately but which will improve the community bit by bit and we look forward to working with the people of Cranmore towards a healthier and happier community.


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Tuesday Mens Group 11am -1pm Thursday Gardening 11 am, Mens Group 11am . Art and Craft 6.30 PM. Contact Connie on 0871169500 for more information.

Happy Christmas

From all of us at Cranmore Co-op we wish you a very Happy Christmas and every good health and happiness in 2023

Seniors Alert Scheme

Just a reminder that we have the applications for the Senior Alert Scheme in Cranmore Co-op. 11 Devins Drive. If you know anyone who may


The 2023 term is now back if you wish to join or find out more information please contact Lisa on 0864028461 or Email