Press release – Re: The eastern Link Bridge

Press Release Cranmore Co-op

Intervention of Minister Welcomed.

Cranmore Co-op welcomed the intervention of Minister of State for Housing Michael Finneran in seeking a solution to the issue of the Eastern Link Bridge and its link to the Cranmore RegenerationProject.

Mr Finneran has reiterated that the Cranmore Regeneration Project and the bridge are not stand alone projects and that one cannot proceed without the other.

Mr Finneran’s comments came before the eve of his meeting with members of Sligo Borough Council on the 1st December at the Custom House in Dublin in an endeavour to relieve the concernsof the councillors’ about access routes.

A spokesperson for Cranmore Co-op has stated ‘The elected public servants are in full possession ofthe facts and know what is at stake not just for the people of Cranmore but for the entire populationof Sligo City. The future of Cranmore Regeneration lies in the hands of these elected public servants.To deny Regeneration to the people of Cranmore represents a terrible violation of trust to avulnerable community; and will do lasting damage to the relationship between the people of thearea and the public authorities.’

The spokesperson continued ‘For the past few years the Cranmore Co-op a voluntary body have been extremely pro-active in striving to save the funding earmarked for Sligo City and the Cranmore Regeneration Project. This has been at a considerable cost to them as volunteers as much of theirtime has been allocated to this issue at a cost to other worthwhile projects in the community.

As the present year draws to a close it is clearly evident that funding will be withdrawn in a matterof weeks if the councillors’ do not rethink their position on the bridge. Therefore we urge you in thestrongest possible terms to reconsider your decision in relation to the Eastern Bridge and approachroutes and to reinstate them into the Development Plan for 2010 -2016. History has many examplesof individuals elected through a democratic process but was adverse to the wider good. You havethe opportunity as public servants to act decisively, courageously and with integrity to reinstate thebridge in the interests, not just of Cranmore but the whole of Sligo.’


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